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this article may be less coherent and make less sense than my usual articles, since it's more of a rant/personal opinion

Almost 7 years ago I started to create videos that I called let's hack videos. The premise is simple:

Just steal the concept of let's plays but for...

Having your own website can be a very fun way to showcase your interests, hobbies, ideas, looks, artistic expressions, knowledge and much more. The best parts?

  • It's easier and cheaper than you think
  • It's more respectful to your and your visitors privacy
  • It's not blocked/forcing your visitor...

Open source, for me, is the very practical "proof" for the claim that "as soon as their [humans] interests do not absolutely clash, act in concert, harmoniously, and perform collective work of a very complex nature". That is to say that humans can act together as a group without a central authority...

Reupload from my old blog: roadmap

Hello world! Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope I'll post some things from time to time...

Let's test some code:

echo "hello world"

and now an js:

console.log("check your console :)");